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Welcome to my Canasis web site!

Welcome to Sundawn's Canasis Family website.
I want to thank all of you who have sent me your pictures, recipes, and jokes. I am building an awesome site for all of us to enjoy. Keep em coming!!

If you are a registered user of Canasis, please send me your pictures, jokes, recipes, or whatever and I will add them to this site all of us to enjoy.

If you have not had the pleasure of playing Canasis, please check it out. You can download it free at (or click the link below) and register for free too! They have now added dominoes and Pinochle, and are working on Spades and Euchre. We are a fun bunch of people who love to play cards, and especially CANASTA.

Check back often for new updates.
And again to everyone, thank you for stopping by.

Download Canasis

Household Tips and Great Ideas

Hi, It's me, Sundawn!

Send me your pictures to be placed on my site, and don't forget to include your Canasis user name.

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Changes To This Site

08/14/03 - Updated a few things including my contact info.
02/05/03 - Added giddyupgo99's picture.
11/12/02 - Added KutenKrazy's picture.
10/05/02 - Added Tedertot's pic...thanks Teder.
09/09/02 - Added bigdaddy's pictures.  Might I say, "It's about time!!"
07/26/02 - Added novaking's picture.
04/28/02 - Added Jadianna's picture.
03/16/02 - Added a joke and a picture to Every Picture Tells a Story page.
02/11/02 -  Added a favorite link.
11/05/01?- Added HotChild's picture.
08/27/01 - Added gigicats6 picture.
07/19/01 - Added sassyangel's picture.
06/28/01 - Added another funny picture on the Every Picture Tells a Story page.
06/28/01 - Added Rico's picture.
06/10/01 - Added Mushroom Meatloaf recipe.
06/10/01 - Addes cjay and wise1's picture.
06/06/01 - Added CanastaCrazy's picture.
06/04/01 - Added more jokes and funny pictures.
06/04/01 - Added chickiepooh's picture.
05/14/01 - Added rubydoo's picture.
05/07/01 - Added ozarkgal's pictures.
05/07/01 - Removed the message board.
05/07/01 - Added new jokes.
04/26/01 - Added canasman's picture.
04/25/01 - Added river-rat's pictures.
04/22/01 - Added la_perdiz's picture.
04/22/01 - Added Household Tips and Great Ideas page.
04/18/01 - Added 2 new recipes and a few more jokes.
04/18/01 - Added mckevs' and bl_arrow's photos.
04/11/01 - Added yeahootie's photos.
04/11/01 - Removed Easter Puzzle, as it did not seem to download properly.
04/11/01 - Added cotton_candy33's pic and 2 recipes.
04/11/01 - Added 1 joke.
04/10/01 - Added a cooking tip, and 2 new jokes.
04/10/01 - Added Every Picture Tells A Story page.
04/09/01 - Added mybratx6's picture.
04/09/01 - Added passion's picture.
04/06/01 - Added an Easter Jigsaw Puzzle you can download.
04/06/01 - Added 3 new recipes.
04/06/01 - Added 1 joke.
04/05/01 - Added betti-boop's picture.
04/05/01 - Added pictures and jokes sent in by ADDICTED.
04/04/01 - Added Canleaguers page.
04/03/01 - Also added a message board.
04/03/01 - Added the first 5 jokes and 1st recipe.
04/02/01 - Created this site.

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